Enough About Finland!

OK, I have to admit, I’m tired of hearing about Finland!  It seems like every time I start talking to someone about education they bring up Finland.  They tell me things like, “Finland has the best education in the world.”  “Finland gives their kids more recess and play time.”  And my favorite, “Finland has the best education because they pay their teachers like doctors!”

Look around you people!  This is not anything like Finland!  Modeling after Finland is not the solution.  Through good, solid leadership, we must find our own solutions.  We must find solutions that work for American, in all glory and all her diversity.  Solutions that work with all our inequity, poverty, and all our other myriad of problems.  It will not be the same solutions as Finland; it won’t even be the same solutions from area to area, state to state, or city to city.  Remember, one size doesn’t fit all.

It’s going to take leadership at local levels to solve our education problems.  It won’t be fixed at the state or national level.  Mandates are not the answer.  We have to fix it one school at a time.


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