Common Sense Education Solutions

Providing Leadership in Education

If Public Education is going to survive, we need to employ the Leadership, Management, Personnel, and Technology methods that have been proven successful in fields outside of education, and apply them to public education as well.  The way we approach public education is essentially the same it has been for 200 plus years.  And clearly, what we are doing, those things that worked for us at one time, are not working in our current situation.  The population we serve has changed, the curriculum has changed, and the world we live in has changed.  We must understand that rapid change is now a constant, and if our children and our country are to keep up, public education must change as well.

We don’t need charter schools.  We don’t need private schools.  We don’t need school vouchers.  What we need are nimble and effective public school systems that are innovative and can change quickly to meet the changing needs of their students in their particular area.  We need teachers that are masters of technology, so that they can employ it in such a way to cover ever changing subjects.  We need instruction that captures the attention and imagination of our students. We need curriculum that is challenging, interesting, and relevant.