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Common Sense Education Solutions is about using Leadership, Management, Personnel, and Technology methods that have been proven successful in fields outside of education, and applying them to public education.  The way we approach public education is essentially the same it has been for 200 years.  And clearly, what we have been doing, those things that worked for us at one time, are not working in our current situation.  The population we serve has changed.  The world we live in has changed.  And we must understand that rapid change is now a constant, and if our children and our country are to keep up, public education must change as well.

About This Approach

When I was a young Army Officer, my mentor told me to “never confuse activity with progress.”  That was great advice that served me well in the military and in the corporate world.  However, public education doesn’t seem to understand this imperative.  We are constantly trying this thing and then that thing, and when “that” thing doesn’t work, we change the name of “this” thing and try it again!  This phenomenon even has a name; it’s called the “Pendulum of Education.” It goes back and forth, but not forward.  It shows a great deal of activity, but little progress.  And when there is progress, it’s painstakingly slow.

I remember when I first became a member of the Board of Education for Lodi Unified School District, a district of about 30,000 students, I expressed the need for immediate change. The Assistant Superintendent said to me, “Mr. Neely you have to remember that Lodi Unified is a big ship and it turns slowly.”  I said, “That was the same problem with the Titanic, and you know what happened with it.”

We don’t have time for slow turns in public education.  We need changes, and we need them now.  We need new ideas and new leadership.  That’s what Common Sense Education Solutions is all about.  I will site research here to support my concepts, but more than that, I want you to use your common sense when looking at these ideas.  Think about your gut reaction when you look at the problems and solutions, and then, you decide.

You can click on the subjects below to find articles about the issues and solutions.  Many links will have more than one article.  Please feel free to leave your comments and/or suggestions.  That’s one thing I learned from my time in the military and the corporate world, together we are stronger.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider these ideas.

George Neely


Common Sense Education Solutions

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