Providing Leadership in Education

Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and under performance. Everything else requires leadership.

Peter Drucker

My name is George Neely. I’ve been involved in public education since 2005, following careers in the military and in the corporate world. I have been a classroom teacher, an administrator, and now a member of the Board of Education. Click here to view my online resume.

I have dedicated myself to bringing true change to public education. is my way of sharing information to help others affect that change.

Inside you will find articles, discussions, and resources to help educators, school board members, and the public work together to give all their children the best possible education.  You find information on everything from managing the most important asset we have in the classroom, teachers, to incorporating computers and other technology into the learning experience.

So please, feel free to look around and comment as you would like.  Send me your questions and get involved.  Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. is our online village.

Our Statement of Purpose

If Public Education is going to survive, we need to employ the Leadership, Management, Personnel, and Technology methods that have been proven successful in fields outside of education. The way we approach public education is essentially the same it has been for 200 plus years.  Clearly, what we are doing, is not working for many of our current students.  The population we serve has changed, the curriculum has changed, and the world we live in has changed. 

We must understand that rapid change is now a constant, and if our children and our country are to keep pace, public education must change as well.

We don’t need charter schools. We don’t need private schools. We don’t need school vouchers. What we need are nimble and effective public school systems, lead by people with vision, that are innovative and can change quickly to meet the changing needs of our students. We need teachers that are not only masters of their subject, but also experts at engaging students and masters of technology. Teachers that use that technology in such a way as to cover all of the changing material. We need instruction that captures the attention and imagination of our students. We need curriculum that is diverse, challenging, interesting, and relevant. We need to be able to reach all students at all levels.